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Fabrics & Technologies

We love the precision couture

The beauty of a garment lies not only in its design but also in the material and its processing. We care about quality. We put a great emphasis on tailors craft, technology and the actual execution of our models.
We do insist on external perfection, but our garments have a beautiful inner life, too. We pay attention to every detail. It is not said in vain that the garment is our second skin.
All our garments are manufactured in Slovakia. The whole process from the design, preparation of cut documentation, to the production is in our hands. Every single piece goes through our hands so we can trace its quality.

We choose our materials very carefully

We consistently choose high quality and nice materials. We buy fabrics on the domestic market or in Europe. We have a passion for natural materials such as cotton and silk in their various forms and processing. We are, however, able to appreciate the features of synthetically produced fabrics and use their quality and variability in sports and functional models. Of course, we like to experiment, so our collections include cheerful unconventional materials that are designed for special occasions.

Original designs and patterns

In addition to the materials we buy from our suppliers, we also develop our own printed fabrics. Currently we offer designs produced by classical manual silk screen printing and fabrics printed by digital sublimation printing. We are gradually expanding the range with different fabrics. By developing prints on different kinds of fabrics and experimentation with designs we intend to differ from other brands. Our philosophy is based on uniqueness and originality and we are trying to achieve those even in the use of our own patterns. Material of which a specific model is made and kind of authorial print it contains can be found on a card, which is part of each product. It also provides information on how to treat the item to prolong its life.

Silk screen printing

Part of our and, of course, your favorite patterns are made by a traditional technique known as manual silk screen printing. We print our fabrics directly in our studio. The principle of screen printing is simple. The pattern gets onto the textile through a fine fabric, which is held in a metal frame. The fabric is illuminated with a template – pattern. The process is chemical. A photosensitive material is applied to the screen. It covers the template and then illuminates it. After the fabric is washed, the pattern remains and it can be printed. The colors are pushed through the prepared screen with a rubber spatula. Colors that we use are always mixed by us. By adding pigments to the base paste we get a wide range of attractive colors.
Our prints are colorful and lively. Sometimes we work with allover pattern, other times we play with various smaller surface patterns (colorful animals from the Magika Fantastika, or Yetti collections) that we sensitively distil into the surface of the garment.
Hand screen printing is a time and space consuming technique. Each color is applied to the fabric separately and each pattern requires an individual screen. Nevertheless, we immensely enjoy this technique and we can thereby reproduce our ideas, as well as your favorite models. Even if we reproduce the clothes, we always produce original items. Every item is unique thanks to a mix of different colors or a different pattern layout on the surface.

Digital dye-sublimation printing

We currently use the sublimation printing technique to printing synthetic and natural fabrics. We work with suppliers from Slovakia and the Czech Republic to support domestic production.
The principle of sublimation printing is based on the transfer of a print from paper to the material under high temperature and pressure. The pattern must be first printed on paper, which then together with the fabric gets into the hydraulic press, where it is transferred to the material under the effects of heat and pressure. The best material for sublimation printing is definitely the polyester. With this technique we can get colorful designs, brilliant colors, and make a very complicated pattern, even in photo quality. The advantage of this technique is that we can even print a yardage. Our collections currently include materials with authorial patterns such as softshell, lycra, synthetic satin, cotton satin, cotton canvas, twill, and soon we plan to expand it with printed silk.

Original manual processing of textile materials

We love details. Details in the form of tailoring, details in the cutting solutions, details in printing and patterns, or in manual processing of textile materials. Our favorite and playful elements, through which you can easily recognize us, are the handmade textile applications on the clothing. We play with color, with the texture of materials, plasticity. By applying these playful elements in the garment we can achieve a real couture. Hand embroidery, applications, a play with the material in detail, as well as in the area, or three-dimensional plastic components as part and a decoration of clothing. All of this is a game and fun for us and a unique and original added value of your clothing for you.

Leather goods

Our portfolio also includes leather accessories. Currently we offer you our bright colored leather belts and bracelets that could easily become your favorite and practical everyday accessory. We like rough leather, brushed leather, leather with natural look and seemingly raw appearance. Our leather products are produced in Slovakia from leather originated in Europe.