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Prices of clothing tailor-made according to the design

Prices listed in this section are for reference only. They include model design, cut preparation, materials, and tailoring. The final price of a model depends on the design, the complexity of cut, production, and the price of the selected material. Therefore, the price may be higher, occasionally even lower. The price of a model, design and material are always consulted with the client prior to the acceptance of a binding order, so the client is notified of the final price in advance.

Wedding dress short – from € 800
Wedding dress long – from € 1200
Evening dress short – from 500 €
Evening gown- from € 1000
Women blazer – from € 350
Women coat – from € 360
Men's sports blazer – from € 350
Women dress – from € 350
Women skirt – from € 150
Women pants from € 150

In case of order cancellation related to tailor-made clothing production based on the design, we charge costs associated with the preparation and production (materials, haberdashery and tailoring) that have been incurred to date within the order, and unless agreed otherwise, we also charge sketch fees in the amount of € 100. In other cases sketch fees are included in the agreed price of a model.

Prices of tailor-made models from our offer, lookbook and collections

• the existing price of clothing from the catalog will be charged with a surcharge of 20% covering the execution of a new cut documentation and tailor-made adjustments.